Atlas Smug – June 2014
An edited version of my post Dear Marc Andreessen for Jacobin.

Alone Together, Again – October 2012
A biographical reflection for the inaugural issue of The Magazine, a digital bi-monthly.

Selected Press & Media

Alex Payne, who helped build Twitter, returns to Portland – February 2015
A profile of me by Mike Rogoway, tech & business reporter for The Oregonian/OregonLive.

Code of Ages – December 2014
Do big tech companies need to have their own programming languages? A look at Go and Swift by Scott Rosenberg for Backchannel.

No Exit – April 2014
A report on entrepreneurial struggles by Gideon Lewis-Kraus for Wired.

“Silicon Valley is the new Wall Street”: Alex Payne – December 2013
An interview with Aaron Task for Yahoo! Finance’s The Daily Ticker.

The Dawn of the Personal Cloud – September 2013
A report on my Sovereign project and related efforts by Chris Swan for InfoQ.

Where the Tech is She? – May 2012
A report on gender diversity in Portland’s technology industry by Ruth Brown for Willamette Week.

Mobile Money – October 2011
A report on Simple by David Wolman for Portland Monthly.

New Languages, and Why We Need Them – July 2010
A report on an event I organized, Emerging Languages Camp, by John Pavlus for MIT Technology Review.

After 3+ Years, Alex Payne Quits Twitter To Create “A Bank That Doesn’t Suck” – May 2010
A post about Simple by MG Siegler for TechCrunch.

The New Suburbs, a Plane Ride Away – April 2010
A report on Bay Area professionals relocating to the Pacific Northwest by Nick Wingfield for The Wall Street Journal.

As Web Traffic Grows, Crashes Take Bigger Toll – July 2008
A report on website downtime, referencing my Down for everyone or just me?tool, by Brad Stone for The New York Times.

Technical Books


Programming Scala

with Dean Wampler
2009 (1st edition)
2014 (2nd edition)