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Not A Waste

Last night, after several long days, I was clicking through news and found a recent blog post by self-styled “solopreneur” Justin Vincent. Its title, Entreporn, The Fallacy That Wastes Your Life, sort of says it all, but it’s worth a read to understand the perspective of a vocal minority in the tech industry.

Frustrated by what I read, and by the post that inspired it from longtime acquaintance Amy Hoy, I left a ragey, unnecessarily personal, and vitriolic comment. I’d like to clarify that comment and my broader position on the discussion.

Regarding Freckle

I said two things that, were I still able to edit my comment, I would now remove:

  1. The phrase “duping credulous customers”. This is a stupid, loaded phrase. No reasonable person is being duped by Amy Hoy’s Freckle time tracking product. Her customers have ample information with which to make a decision to subscribe to the service.
  2. The word “overpaying”. This is too subjective. For a certain type of freelancer, Freckle may be well worth the monthly outlay. Value is relative.

To be clear: I did mean to call out Freckle and its creator, in no small part because she dishes it out when it comes to business and startups. I intentionally didn’t mention her by name because I wanted to imply that online time-tracking tools aimed at freelancers are not exactly in short supply. My jerky comments could have been describing Freckle, but they also could have described a dozen other web applications.

At any rate, I should have omitted the above two items and engaged in more civil discourse.

Wasn’t There More Here Before?

Earlier today, there was the more of a blog post here. The original content is still available if you look for it, but I’d prefer if you didn’t.

I tried to argue a very difficult-to-communicate point, and I largely failed. What I wrote baffled and infuriated friends and strangers alike. Some people got the gist of what I was trying to say, but most didn’t. It’s an idea that is probably better expressed through action than through words.

I have been in the habit of writing here to explore ideas that I’m struggling with. Perhaps it’s time to break that habit and find another avenue for those ideas. I’ve come to that conclusion before, and the fact that I’m coming to it again is telling.

Apologies to Amy, and to you, reader, for wasting your time.

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