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Something New

Imagine, for a moment, a bank that doesn’t suck.

A bank that doesn’t gouge you with fees. A bank that doesn’t treat you like crap. A bank that cares about design, but gets out of your way. A bank that puts your money to work automatically. A bank that’s building a platform for the future of personal finance.

I’ve imagined that bank, usually while on hold with my current bank after they’ve screwed something up. I want to be a customer of that bank. More than that, I want to make it happen.

So, I am.

Starting today, I’m joining BankSimple as a co-founder, with the role of Chief Product & Technology Officer. In a nutshell, I’m going to make sure we build something that’s simple, beautiful, and works really really well.

Walking away from Twitter wasn’t an easy decision. Working there has been a life- and career-changing experience. I’ve learned all sorts of lessons, made great friends, and worked on something that millions of people now use every day.

But millions of people also need a better bank.

It’s a different sort of problem than Twitter, and it’s going to be a very different sort of company. But I feel ready to take on the challenge that BankSimple presents, and I’m joining on with two brilliant people who’ve put a ton of thought into building a better bank.

If BankSimple sounds like something you want, here’s how you can help make it happen:

  1. Sign up to be first to know when we launch.
  2. Join the team. We’re hiring interns for the summer, and we’ll be hiring programmers, designers, customer support, operations, and many other positions down the road.

Or, just talk to me about it. Tell me what you want from it. I’m at for all things work-related, henceforth.

I’m excited. I’m energized. Today is the start of something great.

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