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Good Things

If you only started reading my blog in the last year or so, you might get the impression that I’m pretty down on the tech industry. In that time, most of my popular posts have been complaints or criticisms on one topic or another: lousy tech journalism, the lack of reason in technical discussions on the Internet, issues with living and working in San Francisco, and most recently, questioning the politics of the iPad.

While friends probably wouldn’t describe my personality as “sunny” or “effervescent”, I’m actually not as doom-and-gloom as one might think given my posts here. I attribute this somewhat to the Yelp effect: you’re most inclined to write a few impassioned paragraphs when you’re pissed off. Everyone loves a good rant, after all, so those critical, argumentative posts tend to get linked to and passed around more than my usual output.

Though it’s nice to have a readership, I worry about being known as a curmudgeon. So, over the next two months, I’m only going to be writing about good techie things. Things I like. Things I’m excited about. Because honestly, there’s so much more in this industry that I’m excited about than not, and I don’t spend enough time sharing those things with an audience larger than my friends and coworkers. It’s time to fix that.

This series of positive posts will start this week, when I talk about some good things I came across while looking outside of the Apple computing landscape.

C’mon, get happy, nerds.

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