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Upcoming Talks, Early 2010

An update on my public speaking in the new year.

FOWA Miami

In February I’ll be in Miami for the Future of Web Apps conference. The sessions are all quite short and packed into one intense single-track day. I’ve basically got twenty minutes to convince the audience that a functional programming language (any functional programming language!) is going to be beneficial in their work. It should be fun.

Philly Emerging Tech

In April I’ll be in Philadelphia for Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise, a two-day conference that actually goes a bit outside its stated domain. The speaker lineup is nicely diverse, bringing together folks from all over the industry to share their experience about technology at scale. Some of the content is certainly a bit “enterprisey”, but for East Coast folks with an interest in scaling, JVM languages, web app development, and more, I think it’s worth shelling out for.

I’m going to be talking about building distributed systems in Scala. I’ve already given talks about the more general benefits of working in Scala, both for developers in general and web app developers in particular. This talk is going to get into more specific case study material drawn from the past six months or so of infrastructure work at Twitter. At this point, we’ve got some best practices, some worst practices, some design patterns, some open source components, a whole bunch of opinions to share.

Hope to see you at one (or both!) of the above events. Don’t be shy.

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