Alex Payne is a writer based in Portland, Oregon.

since 2001, has served as his online home.

Open Ideas Moved Here

In June of 2009 I started a weblog to post open ideas thoughts or sketches of projects that seemed interesting enough to share, in the hopes of finding new owners or collaborators. The site was a success, insofar as I received thoughtful and motivational feedback on the ideas I shared.

As time has passed, I’ve found that I add to the list of ideas fairly infrequently (good ideas being, as they are, elusive). Maintaining a secondary blog for said list seems unnecessary. More people are aware of this site, and so I’ll post future open/unfinished ideas here.

I’ve “backported” the ten entries on the other blog, which is now gone. You’ll find those entries in the archives. Feedback is, as always, very much welcome via email.

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