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An Unfinished Idea: The Quiet Bar

A bar, most likely in Portland, Oregon, that is quiet. A subdued, minimal interior. An atmosphere that encourages intimate conversations. Perhaps even a decibel meter on the wall, to reinforce a sense of controlled volume. Ambient, sometimes generative music played at a low level. Acoustic tiling, if necessary.

Impeccable drinks. Perhaps a way to order without talking to the bartender, without discouraging the friendly social aspects of a bar. Discourage crowding around the bar, encourage table service. Maybe reservations only, like Bourbon & Branch and other speciality bars.

PS: Bars That Have Been Suggested As Similar To The Above

  • Milk & Honey, NYC
  • The Stumbling Monk, Seattle
  • Please Don’t Tell (PDT), NYC
  • M. Bar, Portland, OR — though this was disputed
  • Secret Society, Portland, OR
  • The Doheny, Los Angeles — apparently requires a wildly expensive annual membership fee

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