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An Unfinished Idea: Gig Market

A marketplace for DJ gigs.

Problem: you’re a semi-pro DJ; you don’t have an agent, but you depend on regular gigs to put some money in your pocket. Most of your gigs you get through your social circle. But you’re traveling to a new city, and you don’t know anyone there.

Problem: you’re a venue in a city with a limited selection of DJs, or plenty of DJs but none that suit your style. You want quality, diverse talent reliably.

Solution: a web community that connects semi-pro DJs with gigs around the globe.

Integration points: existing social sites, travel sites, and calendaring tools.

As the service expands, it could attract new venues by incorporating event promotion and other value-adds. With a big enough marketplace, you could even provide some guarantee between DJs and venues. DJs want to get paid, venues want to provide entertainment. Gig Market facilitates that.

The biggest risk is that this formalization of a decidedly informal social process simply wouldn’t catch on, or would be fought tooth and nail by agents, promoters, and booking agencies. The music industry is notoriously in the pocket of middlemen. The world of DJing seems to be a bit less subject to that sort of manipulation, though, which is why Gig Market focuses on DJs and not on performers in general.

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