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Defeated By Upgrades

I’ve waited and waited and then waited some more for a new MacBook Pro. I’ve not just been waiting for an upgrade but for a whole new machine, something as refreshingly different as the MacBook Air while retaining serious performance under the hood.

My current MacBook Pro is two years old. While it’s worked well, the fact that it’s not 64-bit has started to be an issue (ex: sharing virtual machines with coworkers). So when Apple announced upgraded (but not new) MacBook Pros today, I bit the bullet. My new decked-out 15” MacBook Pro (with a glossy screen, after much debate on Twitter) should arrive next week.

While I’m sure the new MacBook Pro will be superb, it’s still a bit disappointing to wait for ages and still be purchasing a machine that’s an incremental variation on a seven year old design. But then, if I cared more about design than performance, I would’ve gone for an Air.

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