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Obligatory MacWorld Keynote Reaction, 2008 Edition

I’m excited about the iPhone firmware update. Good features and fixes there. Still waitin’ on that SDK announcement.

Don’t care about Apple TV, movie rentals, or any of the “Apple as media company” announcements. Still not gonna pay for DRM-restricted content, nor build a home theater around it.

Don’t care about the Time Capsule since I have a great NAS at home, although I wouldn’t return it if I got one as a gift. It would be nice if Apple allowed other network-attached storage devices to have more fine-grained control of how Time Machine backups consume disk space.

If the MacBook Air was faster than my first-generation MacBook Pro and had better battery life, I’d order one today. It doesn’t, though, so now I’m stuck waiting for Apple to backport the Air’s multi-touch trackpad and other enhancements to the MacBook Pro line. The Air looks lovely - perfect for business travelers - but just not hardcore enough for my needs. Well-positioned at the mid-point between the MacBook and MacBook Pro lines, then.

All in all a fairly disappointing keynote for me personally, but hopefully one that moves a lot of units for Apple. Even the prospect of more devices having multi-touch input is basically enough to satiate me this year.

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