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Mac Software I Own Licenses For

Even after years of using and contributing to open source software, I think good software is worth paying for. To inspire gift ideas this holiday season, here’s a list of the Mac software I own licenses for:

  • 1Password - the best password manager ever.
  • BluePhoneElite - when I had a phone this was compatible with, it was awesome. Control your phone from your desktop, pause music when you get calls, all kinds of future-is-now stuff.
  • growliChat: - long since rendered obsolete, but was worth paying for at the time. Hooks up the Growl notification system to iChat.
  • Hazel - moves around files for me. I mostly use it to file away downloads and clean up after deleting applications.
  • MailPlane - A lovely Cocoa wrapper around Gmail. The best of the web and the desktop. This is how I survive email.
  • MarsEdit - I’m writing this blog post in it.
  • NetNewsWire - if I could tear myself away from Google Reader, I’d probably read my feeds with this. I used to live in it.
  • PandoraJam - another web/desktop fusion, this time making the Pandora streaming music service a joy to use on your Mac.
  • PodWorks - it gets music off your iPhone or iPod. Essential.
  • SuperDuper - the only backup utility I have total and complete faith in.
  • TextMate - the ur-editor. All the power and flexibility of arcane editors like Vim and Emacs with a beautiful Mac face.
  • Twitterific - how I interact with Twitter more often than not.
  • Videobox - a simple, cute way to get videos off of sites like YouTube and Google Video and onto your iPhone or hard drive.
  • Visual Hub - a simple, fast way to get other kinds of videos onto your iPhone or iPod.
  • Xtorrent - My preferred Torent client. Subscribe to feeds of torrents (great for shows) or search right from the application. Speedy and stable.
  • Yep - they say “like iPhoto for your PDFs”, I say it’s more like iTunes. Regardless, I can’t live/work without it.

I’ve also been given licenses for the following applications by their generous, attractive developers:

  • Acorn - a superb, lightweight image editor that completely obviates the need for me to keep Photoshop on my system.
  • Pukka - a pleasant way to save bookmarks to on your Mac.
  • VoodooPad Pro - a desktop wiki notebook thing that I use from time to time.

Good software is good. Buy some!

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