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My RailsConf Schedule

I’m flying from San Francisco to Portland at 0640 in the bloody morning on Friday, with the aim of being checked in to my hotel and at the conference by sometime during the opening keynote.

Thenceforth, you’ll find the schedule of talks I’m attending at MyConfPlan. Supposedly, my colleague from Twitter and I are giving a talk on Sunday at 10:45AM, but as of yet we’re not on the schedule. There’s no shortage of good sessions, though.

If you’d like to take the pulse of RailsConf via Twitter, check out the visualizer we put together. Most of the photos in the background were taken by T on our trip to Portland earlier this year. It’s pretty hypnotic, so use with caution.

We’ve got dinner plans on Friday night, but nothing set for Saturday. As much as I’d like to stay and hit the breweries, I’m flying back on Sunday evening.

See you in Portland tomorrow!

Attending: Google Developer Day 2007