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Pimp Your Google Reader

If you’d like to use John Hicks’s lovely Mac-like Google Reader theme in Safari, he suggests you use Safari Stand. I, personally, am not a Stand fan, as it’s not been so much with the working. My ideal Safari is served with Saft, Inquisitor, and PithHelmet. The latter option can theme Reader just dandy. Here’s how:

  1. Install PithHelmet if necessary.
  2. Download the theme.
  3. In Safari, hop over to Reader.
  4. In the PithHelmet sub-menu, click Show Site Preferences.
  5. In the “Matching Pattern” box enter* and choose “Wildcard Match” from the menu below.
  6. In the “Style” tab, open up the “Custom style sheet” drop-down and choose the Safari/Opera version of Hicks’s theme.
  7. Double-check your settings and hit “Apply”.

Refresh and you should be golden, barring any problems with the theme itself. I’ve been spending increasingly more time in Firefox, where the theme seems a bit more stable.

If you’d like to follow my shared items in Google Reader, here you go.

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