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When We're Moving, and Why

We’re moving to San Francisco on Monday, April 16th.

We pack our stuff (books and household items; all the furniture is being given away) into a shipping container over the preceding weekend. Then we get on a plane, cat stowed in cargo, and go. There’s an apartment waiting for us in Hayes Valley. We might actually be crazy enough to drive to the local Ikea across the Bay Bridge that same afternoon. If we don’t, we won’t have any furniture. Our stuff arrives a while later.

That’s the “when” and the “how” of this move. The “why” is, first and foremost and as previously mentioned, to work at Obvious. Twitter is growing rapidly and we’re a small team; trying to keep up with the other engineers from across the country, all the phone calls and brainstorming and small crises, is a challenge. I’ve more or less been living on Pacific time since working out there several weeks ago, and I’m tired of it. My head’s already there.

There’s a broader question of “why,” though, given that: a) I already lived in San Francisco once and b) T and I really liked Portland, Oregon way more. The answer is more or less that there’s more in San Francisco, even if it’s not all better. There’s more neighborhoods, more weekend trips in easy driving distance, more people, more shows, more possibilities, more going on. More than DC, and way more than Portland. We really want a change, and San Francisco delivers on the change front.

It won’t be too long before we’re back to visit on the East Coast, though. More about that soon.

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