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Getting Info About SXSW

The information floodgates surrounding SXSW seem to have finally opened. Posts are frequently on SXSW Baby and every other blogger in my feed reader is mentioning their travel plans for Austin. Its exciting, no doubt.

Probably the weakest information resource surrounding SXSW is the official site itself. Given that the interactive portion of the conference plays host to some of the worlds top designers and information architects, you’d think they could put together a calendar of panels thats remotely readable. The disjointed offerings in the SXSW Toolbox are little help. The registrant directory looks so broken and user-hostile in Safari that I popped over to Firefox just to double-check that it wasn’t a rendering issue. No, it isn’t. It just looks like My First Rails App. Yikes.

Thankfully, Conferenceer came along this week. This elegant web application offers a directory of attendees, a nice list of panels, smart calendaring, and an aggregated feed of attendee blogs. In short, it’s the package that SXSW should be using. Its great to see that so many attendees have jumped on it. Kudos to its developer, Jacob Patton.

I’ve not yet decided how Im going to approach note taking and blogging at the conference. My gut tells me that there’s going to be way too much to try to cram into daily posts.

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