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A Gelato Recommendation

Ciao Bella brand gelato has become a fixture of our freezer over the last several months. I am here to recommend it whole-heartedly, unsponsored and unabashed.

We first tried their coconut, which has more of a sorbet texture than one would expect of gelato. It’s become our mainstay desert. Their green tea with white chocolate is also a good bet, though the green tea would stand alone just as well. Hazelnut is a bit gritty.

Just this evening, however, I tried their fresh mint with chocolate chips. Needless to say, it spurred me to write the first food-related entry on this blog in I don’t know how long. The mint flavor really is garden-fresh, so herbal it barely qualifies for dessert. Coupled with miniscule chocolate chips it’s just excellent, sweet and refreshing and unexpected on the palate.

We’ve found Ciao Bella at our local Whole Foods. Enjoy.


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