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Writer, backer, erstwhile technologist.

About the author and this site

I’m Alex Payne. I go by al3x online. I’ve been writing here for many years, much longer than the trimmed-down archive covers.

I’m a writer. I’m also a backer, in the form of early-stage investments, donations to non-profit organizations, and loans to local small businesses. I volunteer and consult with political campaigns and non-governmental organizations from time to time, too.

I was co-founder and CTO of Simple, an online bank. Before that I was one of the first employees at Twitter, where I started their developer platform team. I’ve written code for campaigns, nonprofits, unions, a defense/intelligence contractor, and a variety of open source projects. I coauthored Programming Scala (O’Reilly, 2009), started the Emerging Languages conference, presented at events around the world, and have taught at Recurse Center and Turing School. I was a founding board member of Business For A Better Portland.

I live in Oregon with my wife, Nicole Brodeur, two cats, an anxious pit bull, and a rotating cast of foster dogs. I’m interested in political economy, animal rights and welfare, philosophy, the arts, and systems of all sorts. I enjoy mixing unexpected records for people, getting better at drumming, spending time outside, doing yoga, and meditating.


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