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I could give the better part of a fuck about not being at ETCon, but damned if I’m not bummed about missing another great party at Dachb0den Labs.

I guess I should qualify that first statement. There are some neat people who’ll be at ETCon, and certainly the Digital Democracy Teach-In is pertinent to my interests and work. But any event that has teach-ins is bad news_, in my limited experience. The whole vibe is a little too Left Coast cyberdelic for me to stomach (see Don Box of Microsoft’s “Peace, Love, and XMLsess/4913 talk Wednesday; and that’s in the clearly-tacked-on-because-oh-shit-the-DotCom-bubble-burst-justify-this-BS-quick “Products & Services” track).

Or let’s put it this way: if I’m not taking my pasty, sun-starved, East Coast ass all the way out west for DefCon, where the drugs are most certainly better, what makes you think I’m shelling out to O’Reilly?