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To Be Old, White, and At BloggerCon

Just as I was thinking that the people at BloggerCon seemed almost exclusively old and white, Jon points out that they’re ugly, too. Harsh but true. And are those assessments just jealous, bitter lashings-out from two young-ish bloggers who float around the second or third strata of the blogosphere? Enh, maybe, but I could really give a rat’s ass about the con’s lame content.

Normally I’m not nearly so multiculti or pro-young people, but a lack of youth and minorities in a forum on blogging just seems to be totally missing the point. I’d love to see speakers extolling the empowering nature of blogging and online journalism, champion technologies of those without a voice in the “real world,” to a bunch of upper-middle class white people. Oh, no, wait, no I wouldn’t.

Apologies for the adolescent vitriol, but I’m only in my teens for 4.5 more days so I’ve gotta get it all out now. Still: the ironing, as they say, is delicious. (And, I just notice when posting this, the ironing does not escape the Gwai Lo).