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An Early ‘Happy Birthday’ To Jerkcity: HAULGAHAAUGHGH

Jerkcity lights up my day, every day. I can always depend on it for depravity, vulgarity, surrealism, Unix jokes, bizarre sexuality, or any of the preceding in combination. It is one of the few rocks in the otherwise rushing, ever-changing, impermanent stream that is my existence. It is a daily gift.

In two gift-filled days Jerkcity will be five years old. You should celebrate by reading the entire archive, but only after reading the best explanation/justification of the strip I’ve yet seen; you will have questions, and said explanation will answer some of them. As the piece concludes: “[l]ike so many things before it – sardines, punk rock, sodomy – Jerkcity is not for everybody.” Maybe so, but the results of trying Jerkcity won’t be quite as visceral. Probably. Try it.